Custom Applications

Lucedentro’ s technology makes the application of photo luminescence possible in a virtually unlimited range of objects through the use of selected pigments that are REACH certified, the recent European legislation which regulates the production and use of chemical substances and their impacts on both human health and the environment.  The application of photoluminescence enables the development of custom projects and products in the fields of Design, Security, Safety, Energy Savings and more.

Lucedentro is on the forefront of research and development with photoluminescent technology and is continually researching new and innovative ways to implement this technology across various fields of use.  Basically, the possibilities and uses of this technology are endless.

We have the ability to work on custom projects with companies and are always open to new ideas.  For any inquiries or questions regarding partnering with illumino on custom applications please contact us.

Custom Applications Image Gallery
  • “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

    -Aaron Rose