Decorative Listellos

Our decorative listellos made with photoluminescent glass are available in 3 different colors and can be wall or floor mounted to provide a special and magic atmosphere to bathrooms, wellness centers and much more.  Every decorative listello is mounted on mesh to facilitate and speed up installation.  Our photoluminescentlistellos are available in the flat regular tile version, irregular stone version and rounded tiles.

Materials: Photoluminescent borosilicate glass.

Resistant to: Water and frost, acids, thermal shock.

Single stone dimension: Irregular shaped glass stones up to 1” ( max 25 mm )

Single decorative listello dimension: Irregular model of glass stone: 32 x 5.3 x h 1 cm

Packaged in: 2.2 lb. ( 1 kg ) boxes of 5 strips

Decorative Listellos Image Gallery
  • “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

    -Aaron Rose