Lucedentro’s research and development team has developed a new photoluminescent product for applications in the fields of security and decoration; Photoluminescent paint. It is suitable for wall paint applications on any hard surface (walls, plaster, stone, concrete, asphalt, etc.) and capable of expressing light in yellow-green, aquamarine and ocean blue.  Available in 1kg retail containers and bigger containers with custom orders. 

A couple of fields of use for our photoluminescent paint include:

SAFETY:  Paint applicable in all contexts where visibility is required in the absence of light, particularly
suitable for road signs and in case of a blackout for signs of escape routes.

DECORATION:  Paint for design and decoration, and for creating a play of color and contrast in bathrooms, trendy bars, wellness and relaxation areas and more.

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  • “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

    -Aaron Rose